Just who is Motorista?

Who am I, and why should you care?

By day, I am a trial lawyer (hence the high heels) representing people in business disputes.  By evening and weekend, I am a car enthusiast, wanna-be racer, and motorsports attendee.  I live in the Austin, Texas area amidst a recurring cast of characters (some human, some furry), many of whom you will meet.  I am currently a member of the JeanKnowsCars.com Group of Seven, created by my all-time automotive hero, Jean Jennings.  I read both Automobile Magazine and Vogue.  Yes, we really are out there.

Which brings me to the point of this website.  In the world of automotive retail, women have never been more important.  You can find any number of statistics out there, but the bottom line is that women are increasingly purchasing cars on their own and, when purchasing with a partner or spouse, women make the final decision the vast majority of the time.  Of course, that doesn’t indicate a surging female interest in cars as much as it does the long-known centrality of women in major purchase decisions.  That’s somewhat old news.  Regardless, women of all ages are on the radar of car manufacturers around the world.

But I believe – and hope I represent – a growing number of female car enthusiasts, women who enjoy driving and who can hold their own with “the guys” in conversation about the latest and greatest sports cars.  Women who would choose to go to a NASCAR or Formula One race…because it’s awesome.  Women who can compete with the men in karts or club racing or any form of motorsport they want.

People, particularly men, act like I’m some rare being as a female car enthusiast.  That’s too bad. I don’t see stilettos and six-speeds being mutually exclusive.  And I started this blog to say so.

Won’t you join the conversation?