Motorista Meets Motorsports

I confess, dear readers.

Until the Circuit of the Americas racetrack was built, practically within spitting distance of my house, I was not that familiar with motorsports.  As in, I could not really tell you the difference between NASCAR and Formula 1.  I fear that disclosure may have dented my reputation as an enthusiast, but there you go.  It’s the truth.

Growing up, I remember my dad watching races on TV.  I didn’t really get the excitement of cars going around in circles for hours.  Seemed pretty blasé to me.  I did figure out, through my intrepid powers of observation, that there were different types of races – some of the cars looked like, well, cars (I now know this to be NASCAR).  And the others did not look like cars (aka, F1 and IndyCar).  Consistent with my mentality at that time in life, I protested the non-car-like cars for the same reason I boycotted Dr. Seuss – they didn’t look realistic.  A car should look like a car should like a car.  And Cats don’t wear Hats.  And Thing 1 and Thing 2 are not identifiable as any recognizable species.  This offended me aesthetically.

Finally, I became an adult and stopped taking things so seriously.

Now I think those F1 cars are  beautiful works of art.  And now I’m the one watching cars go around and around (and around and around).  It’s pretty awesome.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the different racing series (NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, Le Mans, ALMS, WRC, MotoGP, etc., etc., etc.), and sharing all the fun on this blog.  There should be more female participation in these events!  We need more female fans and more female drivers!  (Although I recommend the drivers save the Sam Edelman heels for post-race socializing).  Won’t you join me in my quest to take the world of racing by storm?

(And…shhh…here’s a secret: Motorista starts racing school soon).

Much more to come!!