Hungarian GP This Weekend!

The Hungarian Grand Prix is happening this weekend – qualifying will be televised Saturday morning on the SPEED channel, and the actual race is Sunday morning, also on SPEED.

Quick digression – this is one of very few global events I am aware of that takes place in Hungary. Anybody know of anything else? Hungary is kind of a sad tale, a post-Soviet country that kind-of-almost-not-quite got its act together and is now stuck with economic malaise and a political strongman. It’s too bad – when I traveled (all too briefly) in Europe in the mid-2000s, all the hostel-hoppers I met raved about Budapest (pronounced BOO-da-pesht), Hungary’s capital. ¬†Budapest was where all the cool Euro kids went, because it was beautiful and cheap and still being discovered.

Well, the cool F1 kids are in Budapest this weekend, but I don’t know that that’s of any benefit to the average Hungarian. Hopefully, they will get themselves sorted and on a path to more prosperity and hope. Hungary has a beautiful language and culture, and it would be a shame to see all that trampled under the boots of would-be dictators (and, frankly, their Formula 1 counterparts).

Anyhoo…this is supposed to be a car blog, so I’ll get back to doing that. As always, you can find the weekend roundup of motorsports doings over at Jalopnik.

Happy weekend!