Meet Me at Row 8, Seat 4

This has been a good day in MOTORista-dom, and tomorrow promises to be even better.

Today, I became the proud owner of Seat 4 in Row 8, Section 107 of the Main Grandstand at Circuit of the Americas, the only Formula 1 track currently operating in the U.S.  Seat 4 belongs to me until I’m forty-four.  Winning!

How does it work?  I bought a Personal Seat License, or PSL, which is essentially the right to a specific seat at the COTA facility for fourteen years.  I am obligated to purchase tickets to the main races (F1, MotoGP and V8 Supercars), and have a right of first refusal for all other events at the track (including concerts, X Games, other races, etc., etc., etc.).  I also get access to some other perks. It’s pretty bitchin’.

My seat is right in the middle of the Main Grandstand, directly across from the Paddock and the pits, with a great view of the start, Turn 1 and the final turn.  I am slightly excited about all of this.

And to carry on with this theme, tomorrow is my Foundations of Road Racing class at Driveway Austin.  A full day of learning the basics of road racing – in a car, with an instructor. Hell yes.

Much love, MOTORistites.