Ferrari 458 Challenge: the Photo Essay

I made a special acquaintance at racing school. Unlike me, she was beautiful, had an amazing voice and attracted EVERYONE’s attention. Normally, this might make me a little jealous. But in this case, I got it. I was as smitten as everyone else.

Meet the Ferrari 458 Challenge.


The track-bred, non-street-legal sibling of the Ferrari 458 Italia, the 458 Challenge is a monster on wheels (special Ferrari Challenge Pirelli PZeros, at that). A V-8 with 540 hp may not sound like that much in our halcyon days of road cars like the Mercedes-Benz AMGs, BMW Ms and Audi RSes, but the 458 Challenge is having none of them. Other than for breakfast. This car is made for the track. Period.

You can click on links at the bottom of this post for more information on the 458 Challenge, but I thought I’d shut my yap for the moment and leave you with some lovely images. All photos are by me, courtesy of the iPhone and Instagram. You can click on each for a larger version.

458 badge

458 front

458 front 3-4

458 headlight

458 headlight 2

458 prancing horse 3

458 top

458 interior

458 steering wheel

458 rear

458 engine

458 wheel

458 rear 3-4

458 taillight 2

458 taillight

458 prancing horse 2

Ciao, y’all.

458 me

Ferrari 458 Challenge test drive by Road and Track

Ferrari’s official spiel

Top Gear’s take on the 458 Challenge’s debut: “It’s not for girls.” Bullshit.

458 Challenge at Monza

My Facebook video isn’t quite as loud, but I did experience it in person!