Where You Can Stick that Heel-Toe

I have met my Waterloo.

On the advice of my driving instructors, I have been practicing heel-toe downshifting every time I drive: at stop signs, traffic lights, turns. Hell, I’ll even brake in the middle of the street to downshift. Heel-toe first rattled my consciousness on Saturday. It is now Wednesday. My rattled-ness is not better.

I think I possibly executed one heel-toe downshift this morning, somewhat by accident. Regardless, I felt very proud, like I should get on Twitter and announce my Nobel-worthy accomplishment to the universe. Except I only have three followers. Sigh.

And I have not performed a successful heel-toe since, whether accidentally or otherwise. I have lurched, ridden the clutch and generated a small orchestra (more like an ensemble, really) of unfortunate noises, from both the Red MINI and me. I may also have uttered some profanities. I thought that might be helpful, but it isn’t yet.

I even turned to YouTube for help, which is definitely an indicator that I have reached the end of my rope. I did stumble upon this fairly helpful video. If anyone can teach me heel-toe, it’s Hurley Haywood. If anyone can. This is not at all certain.

Short of pedal adjustments or foot-expansion surgery, anybody got any ideas? Or soothing words of encouragement? Or a car I can practice in without ruining mine?

In the alternative, I will accept vodka.