Time to Step Up, Ladies of L.A.

While researching my recent Tesla post, I came across an article in the L.A. Times that listed L.A.’s top ten cars and trucks by gender. I didn’t have to read past the title to know that I would be disappointed. And, sure enough, I was.

The lists are based on data from Edmunds, which pulled all 2012 vehicle registrations in L.A. to determine which vehicles were more likely to be driven by men and which by women. Here are the lists, with the percentages representing that particular gender’s ownership:


1. Chevrolet Corvette: 76%
2. Dodge Ram: 74%
3. Honda Ridgeline: 71%
4. Chevrolet Avalanche: 68%
5. Porsche 911: 68%
6. GMC Sierra: 67%
7. Ford Mustang: 67%
8. Toyota Tacoma: 67%
9. Dodge Challenger: 67%
10: Chevrolet Silverado: 67%


1. Volkswagen Beetle: 50%
2. Nissan Rogue: 49%
3. Scion XD: 48%
4. Volkswagen Tiguan: 46%
5. Lexus IS: 46%
6. Kia Sportage: 46%
7. Hyundai Tucson: 46%
8. Mini Cooper: 46%
9: Nissan Sentra: 46%
10: Nissan Juke: 46%


I don’t think all the cars on the female list are crap, obviously. I do own a MINI, after all. However, 3/4 of Corvette owners in L.A. are male? Almost 3/4 of Porsche 911 owners are male? Come on, ladies! I get that the Corvette and 911 may be out of the price range of many of us (myself included), but why couldn’t the “girl list” have some more interesting cars on it? I like the majority of the vehicles on the “boy list,” but the Nissan Sentra makes me yawn, the Scion XD is silly, and the Rogue, Tiguan, Sportage and Tucson are practically the same vehicle (small crossover). The Juke is wacky, but at least it’s interesting. Why couldn’t we see a Hyundai Veloster? Or a VW GTI? Or a more equal number of Mustang owners? Leave the trucks to the boys, but I want the Challenger on my gender’s list! Dare I wish for a Porsche Cayman S or a BMW 135i to make that list, too?

I’m tired of “chick car” being pejorative. But I get why it is. Most of the cars on that list are not interesting. Time to step up, ladies. In L.A. and everywhere. More interesting cars!! (And more race car drivers!)