August 14


Yours Truly Around the Motorweb

The Poet, being a very considerate feline, thought you might appreciate a little round-up of the various places you can connect with MOTORista on the Motorweb. Until we advance to the next stage of MOTORista-dom, a professionally-designed website, with links and widgets at your very fingertips, a humble blog post summary will have to do.

In addition to this here blogge, which can be accessed either through or, be sure to find us on:

Facebook – In addition to links to each new blog post, you can browse car photo galleries, daily wall posts and random comments from my wacky FB friends and followers. If you haven’t done so already, a “Like” on Facebook would be much appreciated!

Instagram – Almost 300 photos (and counting!) of cars, dogs, nature and the occasional evil cat. I update this often, especially when I’m working on a car review post. This is my favorite social media platform. I used to be very anti-hashtag; eventually, I had to give in. You can see my four most recent Instagram photos in the blog footer (a.k.a the bottom of the page 😉 ). And if you don’t have the Instagram app, you can also view all of the MOTORista Instagram photos on the MOTORista Facebook page.

Twitter – You can always find links to the latest blog posts on the MOTORista Twitter account, as well as the occasional inane comment or opinion.  My Twitter feed is also visible in the blog footer.

Jean Knows Cars – I have been known to make the occasional appearance on this awesome website, created by one of my all-time heroes, Jean Jennings. See here, here, here, here and here. My involvement with JKC is ongoing (so far!), so be sure to check back for news on the latest JKC adventure. Also, why don’t you go to the JKC Facebook page and give it a big ol’ “Like”? Great folks, great info; I’m proud to be a small part of it.

As MOTORista grows, I look forward to having more projects and “appearances” to link to. If you are new to the blog and looking for earlier posts, don’t forget there is an “Older posts” button halfway down the page that will display additional entries. You can also use the drop-down menu in the footer to view posts by month. We started in May…and won’t be stopping anytime soon!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll comment on the blog or otherwise connect on one of these platforms and become part of the wackiness!!