These Shoes Were Made for Driving Aston Martins

The MOTORista tagline is “high heels, fast cars,” and while I have provided you with plenty of fast cars lately (you’re welcome), I have been a high heels laggard. Please accept my apologies and feast your eyes upon these lovely Enzo Angiolinis.

Enzo side


While my favorite stilettos, which you have met, were not made for driving, these Angiolinis were made for driving. Specifically, these Angiolinis were made for driving Aston Martins.

I drove the lovely Aston V8 Vantage you recently met while shod in these puppies. There was a clutch involved, but these heels were up to the task. Since I did not yet know of the curse that is heel-toe downshifting, I was able to operate all three pedals, high-heel-shod, with ease. Admittedly, I forgot to ask Steve, the Aston’s owner, if he could do the same. 😉

Just observe how convenient these shoes are for driving. The heel is high enough to give you a little added extension, but not high enough to kill you. The open toe allows your feet to breathe, and the perforated leather allows you to sweat freely while navigating someone else’s $100,000+ luxury sports car on a treacherous interstate. It’s like Enzo designed this shoe with my exact situation in mind.

Enzo detail


How thoughtful.

Next time you find yourself in someone else’s sports car, don’t forget to wear your perforated leather heels. They make all the difference.