Holiday Weekend with the Lotus

As if a Maserati weekend wasn’t enough, now I am having a Lotus weekend. Specifically, a Lotus Evora weekend.  How did this happen?

A very generous friend of mine owns a Lotus Evora, something I didn’t even know until this past week! See what happens when you start sharing your passions with others? Anyway, he was going out of town and suggested that I, being the car fiend I am, take care of his Evora until his return. Um…okay!

I picked the Lotus up on Saturday, and have been spending this long weekend getting acquainted with her. Yesterday, we ran errands, in a little test of daily livability. (Plus, I was out of groceries.) Today, I let her stretch her legs a little on some nice, windy back roads in the area. So far, we are pretty pleased with each other.

There will be many more photos, as well as an in-depth review, to come, but here are a few snaps of my time with her so far.

Lotus Evora front


Lotus Evora 2


Lotus front 3-4


Lotus gauges 2

Tach goes to 9000! Top speed is 180! I will not be testing either of those, but I sure do like them conceptually.

Lotus cupholder

There are no cupholders. Repeat: no cupholders. I love it – this car is strictly about driving. And who knew the British were even more withholding than the Germans?? Don’t worry, though – your Big Gulp may not fit, but you can put a dainty bottle of water in the little storage compartment in the door. Which is just to keep you from becoming dehydrated in the triple-digit heat of late August in Texas, particularly while the Evora’s mid-mounted powerplant unspools behind you.

Lotus errands

It all fit! Who says a tiny, lightweight sports car is impractical?

Stay tuned for more (safe, responsible) Lotus adventures!