First Look: Maserati Ghibli

As part of my Maserati weekend in Sonoma, I got the opportunity to see the new Maserati Ghibli, which will be hitting dealerships later this month. I mentioned in an earlier post that the Ghibli should be a game-changer for Maserati. Here’s why.

Last year, Maserati sold 6,200 cars. That’s not terrible for a luxury brand with only two models (the Quattroporte and the Gran Turismo), but parent company Fiat wants Maserati to hit 50,000 annual sales by 2015. Time to diversify.

Maserati badge

The Ghibli is intended to lead the charge toward increased sales. Slotted below the Quattroporte as an “entry-level” model, the mid-sized, four-door Ghibli should start in the mid-$80,000 range, which makes it competitive price-wise with the top-end variants of the Mercedes-Benz E-class and the BMW 5-series, as well as the Audi S6 and S7. That’s a huge new market, and one that an iconoclastic Italian brand like Maserati is perfectly positioned to take advantage of (oh, Alfa Romeo, won’t you get your act together?). And, so far, it seems to be working.

The Ghibli nameplate harkens back to the late ’60s, when it was appended to a two-door, two-seater with a V8 engine. The new Ghibli is more utilitarian, with four doors and a V6 (and an upcoming diesel), but the link to Maserati’s heritage is a nice touch.

I didn’t get to drive the Ghibli this time, so I tried to take enough pictures to make up for it. What do you think?

Maserati Ghibli front


Maserati Ghibli rear


Maserati Ghibli rear 2


Maserati Ghibli rear 3-4


Maserati Quattro Ghibli


Maserati Quattro Ghibli 2


Maserati Pellegrino


Maserati Ghibli me 2

Woo hoo!

Maserati Ghibli me

Fit me pretty well, I thought.

Maserati Ghibli headlight


Maserati Ghibli wheel


Maserati Ghibli steering wheel

Maserati Ghibli speedometer



Stay tuned for more on the Ghibli as it debuts this fall!