Maserati Weekend: the Published Version

The story of my Maserati weekend is online, and not just here! The kind folks over at Jean Knows Cars invited me to write an article on my experience, since it was all their fault anyway. The article went live today, over on the Jean Knows Cars website: here it is! It’s exciting to be published, regardless, but the fact that JKC is the pet project of my hero (and now friend!) Jean Jennings really is the sprinkles on my ice cream sundae. I am so fortunate to be part of the JKC Group of Seven, and now to be published on the website. Thanks a million, Jean and team!

Also, take a look at this video of highlights from the IndyCar race (aka the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma) that took place that weekend. Notice how often Turn Two (my location) turns up?? I told you it was a good vantage point!