Frankfurt: the Wrap-Up, or Volvo is Queen for a Day

The automotive journalists went to Frankfurt, they saw, and now, surprise, surprise, they have plenty of opinions. Here’s a round-up of what they thought:

Automobile Magazine – Frankfurt Hits and Misses and Frankfurt Diary

Motor Trend – Best and Worst of Frankfurt

Autoblog – Top Five Frankfurt Debuts

Jalopnik – full coverage of the Frankfurt Motor Show

Yahoo! Finance – Most Stunning Cars at Frankfurt

MSN Autos – Top Cars at Frankfurt

Who knew the takeaway would be that the Ferrari was ugly and the Volvo concept was amazing? Ah, auto shows…unpredictable and controversial – just the way I like them. Sounds like the BMW i8 was generally considered a hit, as were the Audi concepts. The special edition Veyron and Gallardo were pointless, and the Lexus crossover concept was hideousness personified. Sounds about right to me!

Next up – L.A. Show! (I think.) Can’t wait!