Would You Like a $1,800 Seatbelt With Your $845,000 Porsche?

So I was configuring my Porsche 918 Spyder today when I came across one of those bizarre, inane things that must be shared so that we can all engage in collective head-scratching.

As you may know, the base price of the 918 Spyder is $845,000.  That’s the price of – what? – three Lamborghinis? I don’t judge – the 918 has the cutting-edge technology, the performance capabilities and the low production numbers to warrant whatever dollar/euro figure Zuffenhausen wants to make up.

You’d think, though, with a sticker price approaching seven figures, that any extras would be, you know, gratis. Really, there shouldn’t even be extras. It should all be included, from the diamond-inlaid dash to the windshield wipers that shoot liquid gold washer fluid to the tiny person in the footwell who massages my bored left foot since the 918 doesn’t come with a manual.

I don’t think this is unreasonable.

Porsche, however, disagrees with me. Guess what is an OPTION on the 918, an OPTION that costs EXTRA MONEY? A SEATBELT WITH ACCENT STRIPES.  Yes, if you want your seatbelt with an “acid green,” orange or silver accent stripe, you must pay $1,800 extra. As in, $845,000 plus $1,800. If the 918 seated 100, this might be understandable. But it has two seatbelts. TWO. These aren’t even fancy five-point belts. Regular belts. With an effing stripe. $1,800. Oh! And how about a “carbon floormat” with matching piping? That’s another $1,725.

Don’t believe me? Go to Porsche‘s car configurator and see for yourself.

It’s a nice-enough-looking belt. But it better be administering acupuncture needles, aromatherapy, a shoulder massage and the effing secret of life for $1,800. And I better be able to wear that “carbon floormat” like a superhero cape, complete with flying abilities and powers of invisibility, when I am not driving my 918 Spyder.

Of course, if you are already shelling out $845,000 for your new 918 Spyder, you probably could care less about forking over another $1,800. Still…

Call me unsophisticated and uncouth, but when I order my 918 Spyder, I’m telling Porsche to throw in my acid green-striped belts and mats for free. Or I’m getting a Veyron instead.