It’s Raaaaace Week!

Yes, I’m a bit more chipper than usual. I won’t pack for a trip till the day before, but I already have my itinerary, wardrobe and accessories* planned for this weekend. And it’s only Tuesday.

ALMS tix

It’s ALMS and WEC at Circuit of the Americas this weekend…AND my very first race weekend in my very own seat. AND the (first, last) only time I’ve had rock-star parking at COTA. Chipper, indeed.

The ALMS (American Le Man Series) race on Saturday is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The WEC (World Endurance Championship) race on Sunday is 6 hours. Family and friends – I love you, but you will not receive any attention this weekend.

ALSO, I bought my three-day grandstand ticket and pit pass for the Grand Prix of Houston, which is coming up the first weekend in October. More IndyCar and Pirelli World Challenge! In fact, this is the last WC race of the season. It’s my favorite racing series, so I’m pretty stoked. Right now, I’m going by myself, but maybe I’ll be able to draft a few race fans. Anyone? Anyone??

*My accessories list for race weekends:



camera battery

phone (for Instagramming and tweeting)

phone charger

hat (optional)

shoes that I can safely wear in the pits (these are out; so are these, but if I had these, I would so wear them)

cash for Diet Coke fixes

hand sanitizer (car dirt doesn’t bother me, but humans do)

I do NOT bring earplugs – that takes away part of the fun! And I always forget sunscreen.

It’s possible I will be a little tired and sunburned by Monday. But don’t worry – you know you will hear all about it.