H-Town Double Down, Round 1

Turns out my dad had always wanted to go to an IndyCar race. And now he has. Hot diggity.

It was hot indeed at the Grand Prix of Houston today. We baked, we broiled, we dried out, then broiled again. It was fab.

We watched IndyLights, ProMazda, IndyCar and a little Pirelli World Challenge TC/TCB. Check the Twitter feed for the scoop on how the races progressed, but here are a few photos that are representative of the day.

downtown Htown

Downtown Houston smoldering hotly in the distance. The clouds threatened rain, but never delivered. The occasional cloud cover was happily received.

55 debris

We were at the final turn, Turn 10. With no runoff and a bumpy road surface,  this part of the track was a bit of a hazard. Car No. 55 (Tristan Vautier) didn’t fare so well in the IndyCar qualifying. He hit the wall hard right in front of us, and lost some big chunks o’ car in the process.

IndyCar - Simona 2

My girl Simona DeSilvestro in the 78 car (shown here pre-race) had her first career podium finish, ending the first IndyCar race of the weekend in P2. She had a great drive on a tough course.

IndyCar Turn 10

The view from our seats – Turn 10.


Bring on tomorrow, with another IndyCar race and my favorite – the Pirelli World Challenge GT/GTS race!