Senna’s Race Car

I had rather a bit of fun today. The local Aston dealership, Aston Martin of Austin, has on display the car that Bruno Senna and co-driver Fred Makowiecki drove to victory in the LMGTE Pro class at the World Endurance Championship race I attended last month. I couldn’t resist going by to take a look. Not only do I like looking at any and all race cars – I was also cheering this one on in particular at the WEC race because it was piloted by Bruno Senna (the nephew of the late, lamented Ayrton Senna, one of the all-time great Formula 1 drivers) and because, frankly, it sounded bad-ass. I was excited when it won, and just as excited when I found out I could see it up close.

These are mostly quick iPhone snaps and not up to my usual standards, but who cares? This car looks good regardless.

Senna 1

Senna 2

Race cars get a little dirty.

Senna 3

Racing tires get a little worn. And written on.

Senna 4

That reflection is divine light shining down from the heavens.

Senna 5

Senna 6

The rear wing is approximately the size of the Red MINI. And definitely wider.

Senna 7

Senna 8

Slightly fewer creature comforts than the production version.

Senna 9

Senna 10

See all the tire and oil dirt? That’s not a shadow in the yellow section!

Senna 12

If you live in the Austin area, be sure to go by Aston Martin of Austin to take a look at this beast. It’s great fun! Many thanks to Sonny Morgan at AMoA for the tour.