Motorsport ADD

Whoever controls the master calendar for all racing events (Bernie Ecclestone? God?) is trying to kill me. As I write this, on a Saturday that is almost Sunday, there are three different races going on, in three different series, in three different time zones. My OCD is in mad overdrive, and I seem to be exhibiting some ADD tendencies as well.

First, we have the last ever American LeMans Series race, at RoadAtlanta. (It is the last because it is being combined with other racing series to form the United SportsCar Championship next season). That race, which lasted ten hours, just ended moments ago – you can see the results for the various classes in my Twitter feed. I still need to cross-reference my spotter guide to confirm who the winners are, but I can confirm that yes, indeed, there are winners. I followed ALMS via Twitter.

Because I’ve been busy watching IndyCar, which literally just ended, with a race victory for Will Power and a season championship for Scott Dixon. This race, on an oval track in Fontana, California, sported a few bumps and bruises, with a multi-car incident sending Justin Wilson to the hospital. Reports are that he is awake and alert; hopefully all will be ok. Pretty exciting race – 11 leaders, 28 lead changes. I watched IndyCar on TV for about 215 laps, then decamped to home and Twitter for the remaining 35.

On top of THAT, the World Endurance Championship is racing RIGHT NOW in the 6 Hours of Fuji in Japan, according to Twitter. Heavy rain after the start led to a delay (with the clock still running), but the race has just started back up under caution…oh, wait a minute. Back to red flag. Meaning the race director has suspended the race. They have now stopped the clock because the drivers have to spend a certain amount of time in the car, as I vaguely understand it. This race will likely conclude in the wee hours of the Texas morning. It will have to go on without me.

I’m a little exhausted.

Hats off to my friend Shelly for making a brave appearance at my IndyCar “watch party.” And to any of you hardcore race fans out there who have been following all three of these races all weekend without breaking a sweat or entering an OCD/ADD coma, you are a better (wo)man than me.