You guys are giving me the warm and fuzzies. Very pleased to see the heartfelt response to Project Keychain (including an awesome story on Jean Knows Cars!), and can’t wait to start receiving your keychains in the mail! And your Facebook likes! And your Tweets and re-Tweets! And…yeah, I’m just excited about all of it. And very much looking forward to keeping you posted as this project grows and grows.

Other exciting things in store over the next two weeks:

Jaguar Driving Event

Somehow I got an invitation to a Jaguar driving event in Houston this weekend. I’m really looking forward to spending time, for the first time, in their new cars. Jaguar sure has come a long way in the last several years – their flagship XJ sedan is truly exquisite, and the brand-new F-Type is beautimous, as this picture from the British car show proves:

Jag Ftype

Yes, I will probably date you if you drive this. No, that is not shallow.

All I know about this event is that it will be on a track and last a couple of hours. Not sure what cars I will drive, or what the activities will be. I imagine it will be similar to the BMW track event, in which case: goody!! Expect to hear more over the weekend!

Formula 1

It cometh! Formula 1 arrives at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas in one – count it – ONE week. I’ve got my Main Grandstand tickets (love my seat!) and rock star parking passes. My weekend is blocked (and possibly my Friday, too; we’ll see how the workweek goes!). I am ready to tweet and Instagram to my heart’s content. And tell you all about it.

After that, I have nothing scheduled. NOTHING. Well, other than a hearing, some depositions and two trials. That gets us to about late January…But nothing car-related. Hmmm…wonder what will present itself next?? Whatcha got, universe?

It’s exciting.