And Now?

After two very busy workdays, on the heels of USGP weekend, it occurred to me in a quiet moment this evening: I have nothing car-related on my schedule. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

This has not been the case since…when? August? July? Good grief.

What does one do with a wide-open calendar? I hear my dad, masquerading as the universe, telling me to slow down, chill out. Welllll…no thanks.

The rest of this month and the first half of December are out; work’s the priority. Then what? Time to fill up the calendar with fun car adventures. I’m thinking…a search for the perfect back road in Texas. A tour of the top barbecue joints in the area. Tickets to the Detroit GP perhaps? Of course, that’s not till early June. But I salivate at the prospect.

Oh! The Tail of the Dragon! I was just talking about that with a colleague today. The Red MINI and I need a trip to the Tail of the Dragon, an infamous North Carolina road of twisties and switchbacks. Road trip?

Of course, the Detroit Auto Show looms in mid-January. Even before this blog, it was my one vacation of the year – a weekend in Detroit in January. To this gearhead, better than a week in Hawaii in summer.

First things first – it’s time to get my racing license. I need to hunker down and finish the racing courses at Driveway Austin. Including the open-wheel, Formula Mazda course. I reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly want to do the Formula Mazda course.  Plus, Helmut the helmet needs to get broken in.

Oh, brother – I haven’t even TOLD you about Helmut the helmet yet! Soon. Helmut gets his own post.

The first event at Circuit of the Americas is MotoGP in April. So unless people want to unleash me with Fiats and Aston Martins and Loti again, I need to look out of town for entertainment. Ideas? Prospects? What shall we do, race fans? Anyone want to fly me out to LA for the LA Auto Show this week?


Ah, well. I should just use this downtime to finish up my F1 coverage, write the few pieces that have been pending, and update my photo galleries on the MOTORista Facebook page.

Unless you know someone who isn’t using their Lamborghini this weekend. You know where to find me!