November 28


Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving, race fans! The Poet hopes you are enjoying good food and good company. I am in Utah with family, and am looking forward to introducing you to a Range Rover and an Audi A4. We will also have a discussion with Wesley about the BMW 3 series compared to the A4 (he has some strong opinions). In the meantime, we are watching Top Gear and playing PGR 4, a racing game, on the Xbox 360. Happy holidays indeed.

With my work schedule slowing down a little, I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule next week. Missed you guys!

A few car-related things I am thankful for:

the Red MINI

Racing helmets


World Endurance Championship

Heated seats

Manual transmissions

Circuit of the Americas

Twisty back roads


Lotus F1 team

Mercedes F1 team

Ayrton Senna

Bruno Senna

Denise McCluggage

Jean Jennings

Dario Franchitti

Aston Martin Racing


Drive safely this holiday weekend. Remember – there are turkeys everywhere!

Much love,