Detroit Bound

Brace yourselves, race fans. We’re going to the Detroit Auto Show. And not only are we going to the show. We are going to the press preview – the first two days of the first week of the show (the public can’t get in till the weekend). We’re going to see everything as it happens. We’re going to watch the news become the news.

This is good.

Seriously, this is better than Christmas for one Motorista. I can’t wait to show you guys all the new cars and hopefully spend some time with my friends in the Jean Knows Cars crew. As I’ve mentioned before, Detroit in January is the place to be. So I’m going to be there.

You’ll probably hear just a little bit more about all this before I head out on January 12, but it always bears repeating: be sure to subscribe to the Motorista Twitter and Instagram feeds. I’ll be bringing you the very latest from the show, and maybe even before the mainstream media gets around to it. 🙂

This trip should also be interesting because, other than my flight, I’ll be traveling hipster/non-traditional. I am using Airbnb for accommodations and Uber for ground transport. Because hotels and taxis/rental cars are so early 2000s. (And, seriously, my last taxi ride in Detroit had the makings of being my last ride EVER. A little dicey.) I am not usually that hipsterish, so this will be fun. Lately my life seems to be a living example of the saying, “There’s an app for that.” Because there is also an auto show app. For real. And I have it.

Oh yes.