Because, Mustang

Something wicked this way comes.

While I was off doing REAL work and neglecting you, dear readers, Ford had a minor press event: a four-continent, six-city global launch of the next-generation Mustang.  The new, redesigned Mustang goes on sale in early 2015, and boy is it a looker!  (Click here for a photo gallery). Less pronounced are the retro cues that have been the (successful) hallmark of the last generation. The new ‘Stang is lower and sleeker, with more of a fastback line. In short, it looks more European.

Which apparently was the point. Ford is taking Mustang global in 2015 and has updated and refined the car to be more competitive with European performance brands, such as BMW and Porsche. They also seem to be throwing out a line to American enthusiasts who haven’t found Ford very relevant in the performance category lately, especially with the recent reintroduction of the Camaro. So Ford is upping its game and setting out to conquer both new and lost territory.

It’s a tricky dance – the Mustang has been on sale continuously since 1964 (and here’s a cool story about the WOMAN who bought the very first one) and is as much a part of the American identity as the John Deere tractor. So, of course, some of the coming changes, such as the independent rear suspension that will replace the live rear axle that has been a Mustang signature for 50 years, will rankle some folks.

But what the hell. It looks mahvelous. Yes, it will be more refined. Yes, it is blatantly intended to appeal to younger buyers and give the Camaro a run for its money. In my humble opinion, all good things.

Check this space again in 2015.


Photo to the left from the Ford Mustang Facebook page