Gift Guide for the Gearhead

This may be a bit late…but if you’re a procrastinator like me, it’s just in time! Allow me to present Motorista’s First Annual Gift Guide for the Gearhead. In case you know any…

Branded Swag

Does your favorite gearhead love a particular make or model above all others? Your choices are endless for branded hats, shirts, jackets, pointless accessories – you name it. Just Google your brand of choice and get to work. For instance, if your gearhead loves Aston Martin, try the online Aston Martin shop.

A Driving Experience

As you know from reading about my exploits, there are a ton of driving events and schools out there. Send your little motorist to the Mercedes AMG Driving Academy, the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy, the Porsche Sport Driving School, or the BMW Performance Driving School. These events are not cheap, but you will be a hero to your gearhead, who will be in a perpetually good mood for the rest of their life.

Is your gearhead a wannabe racer? Send them to racing school. For folks in Texas, I highly recommend Driveway Austin. Sign your gearhead up for Foundations of Road Racing or for private instruction. Not only will this make them happy, but you will benefit as well. The more trained, experienced drivers you have in your life, the better!

If, like me, you are on a smaller budget, how about some go kart racing? Driveway Austin offers it on Sundays, or visit a chain like K1 Speed. This is also a great option for the younger, budding gearhead, as most places allow kids to participate.

The Tube

Fancy parking your gearhead in front of the TV? Set them up with several seasons of Top Gear. You won’t see them for days. Nor can you go wrong with the fabulous movie Senna or the new release Rush (admittedly, it doesn’t come out till late January, but a pre-order is thoughtful!). Or go old school with some Steve McQueen flicks.

The Races

Does racing make your gearhead as giddy as it makes me? Get them tickets to an upcoming race! Your options really depend on your location and/or your budget. Obviously, if you are in Texas, you must send your race fan to Circuit of the Americas sometime in 2014. That is only humane. Check COTA’s calendar for upcoming events. Or just ask me. I’m there for everything. There are so many options all over the U.S. – leave a comment if you want my expert advice for the best races in your area.

Racing Gear

Have I mentioned that my parents unknowingly gifted me a racing helmet for Christmas? As in, I purchased it and thanked them after the fact. No, really – I suggested that as my gift, and they told me to pick out the one I wanted. Hence, Helmut, my new helmet (he will get his own post soon). My parents had the right idea – gear is so specialized that you are better off leaving your racer to select their own based on their individual needs and preferences. I purchased my helmet from Simpson, a great resource for all kinds of gear and equipment. Encourage your budding racer to do their research and get recommendations from professionals. Then take a deep breath and open your wallet.

Car Love

Keep it simple – buy your gearhead a coupon book to a local car wash. Those are a good value and often don’t expire for a year or more. I am horrible about getting the Red MINI washed on a regular basis, but my dear friend Karen once gifted me a car wash coupon book, and I had such fun with it. And the MINI looked badass.

Many dealerships also have detailing packages you can buy. Those will be more thorough, and will leave your little motorer’s car sparkling.

Good Reads

An Automobile Magazine gift subscription. This is required. I should have put it at the beginning of this post. Get your gearhead something else from my list as well, but Automobile Magazine is a requirement. No bona fide gearhead should be without.

If your gearhead is also a hopeless nerd, like me, get them Automotive News, too. It’s pricey, and your gearhead will be insufferable with their industry knowledge. But they will loooove you.

There you are, race fans! I hope this Guide will serve you well. Any of the above suggestions should leave your favorite gearhead grinning as widely as I am in the photo to the left. And if you don’t have a friend or family member to whom this Guide applies, you really need to widen your circle of acquaintances. A gearhead will enhance your life!

Ho ho ho!

P.S. You already know what I want!