As Formula 1 Turns

Just because it’s the offseason, don’t think Formula 1 is taking a break from its standard drama and political intrigue. The annual musical chairs of drivers and teams has taken place, and the music is just ending. Several drivers have switched teams, and some were caught out when the music stopped. The Bleacher Report has a good summary of winners and losers here.

Personally, I hate it that money beats out talent almost – if not every – time, although that’s not exactly limited to Formula 1. But it would be nice to see younger drivers like Paul Di Resta have at least as good a chance as the heavily-banked drivers (see Pastor Maldonado).

I’ll keep dreaming.

I will still be rooting for Lotus and Mercedes next year, although I do still have a soft spot for Kimi, even after he decamped to Ferrari. I am also excited to see up-and-comers Nico Hulkenberg and Valtteri Bottas, and wish them a successful season.

We’ll be off to the races before you know it!