Get Well Schumi

The hashtag #GetWellSchumi is all over the Internet these days, especially in racing circles. On Sunday, F1 racing great Michael Schumacher fell while skiing with family and hit his head on a rock. Now, one brain surgery later, he is in a medically induced coma, with a grim prognosis.

This would be an awful accident for anyone, but Schumacher is a behemoth in the racing world, which seems to be why that world is so shaken right now. Consider the following statistics from his Formula 1 career:

Most championship titles (7)

Most consecutive titles (5)

Most race wins (91)

Most wins in a season (13)

Most podiums (155)

Most consecutive years with a win (15)

Most podium finishes in a season (17) (that was in the 2002 season, when he had a podium finish IN EVERY RACE)

Most pole positions (68)

You get the picture. The guy has been indestructible. And along comes a rock.

Schumacher retired from Formula 1 just last year, and will turn 45 on Friday. He is married with two kids. Best wishes to him, and to them. I very much hope to see him back on his feet, pretending to be the Stig.



Photo taken from the Michael R. Schumacher Facebook wall.