Party Like It’s Formula 1

Speaking of parties – since it IS New Year’s Eve – I still need to tell you guys about the  party I went to during the Formula 1 weekend.

Yacht Club 3

My Yacht Club, part of the My Yacht Group, hosts a “pop-up” European-style nightclub at Ballet Austin during the three nights of Formula 1. The event caters to drivers, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals – but they let me in, too, this year. 🙂

Yacht Club

This is the type of event where, if the invitation says the doors open at 8, they actually open at 10. And things don’t really kick off until about 1 a.m. At least, I assume. Because of my work schedule, I could only make a brief appearance. But when I left, after 11, the line to get in snaked out the door and around the building.

Yacht Club 2

The front room included a looped slide show of very cool historic racing photos, a bar and a photo booth.

The back room contained the craziness, with a DJ, dancers, bar and light show. Here’s the scene early on:

Yacht Club 4


Yacht Club 5


Yacht Club 6


Yacht Club 7

This was prior to the aerialist, although I did see a bottle service accompanied by sparklers. Your ticket entitles you to an open bar and some great people-watching. I wish I could have been there at 1 a.m. to survey the crowd. 🙂 And I didn’t know about the aerialist until after the fact! Who doesn’t love an aerialist?!

My Yacht Club is allegedly the most exclusive event in town during F1 weekend. If you like the idea of “Monaco nightlife” in downtown Austin, complete with sparklers and flying dancers, and with Austin Fan Fest right outside, don’t forget to check this out next year. The 2014 F1 weekend falls during Halloween, so you know this event will be even more over the top than usual!

And, to bring things back to the present, be safe out there tonight, race fans! Get a designated driver, don’t drink, or stay home. Whatever you decide, I want to see each of you, in one piece, back here in 2014!

Much love,