More Cowbell

Like cowbell, you always need more car photos. Luckily, I have a ton. Believe it or not, the photos you see on the blog are a mere fraction of the total volume of photos I take. Considering I take 200-300 photos at a race and upwards of 700 at a major auto show, I thought it best not to overwhelm you (or crash a server). So I usually pick some of the best and most representative of the group to include in the posts or to post on Instagram.

HOWEVER…if you would like to see the other 1000+ photos, I am in the process of posting full photo albums to the Motorista Facebook page. You can find the current photo albums here. There are several albums for individual cars I have reviewed, and I am working on albums for all of the events I blogged about in 2013. Today, I added an album of photos from my Maserati weekend. On deck are the ALMS/WEC weekend, vintage racing, Houston GP, British car show, Jaguar driving event and Formula 1. This will take a bit, due to the sheer volume and Facebook’s occasional cantankerousness, so be sure to check back often for updates. In the future, I will try to do these concurrently with the event I’m blogging about.

Enjoy! And happy 2014!