Rock Me Like a Huracan

The Lamborghini Gallardo is dead. This is sad.

Actually…no, it’s not. ‘Cause check out its replacement:


Meet the Lamborghini Huracan.

Here are some numbers that might interest you: 601 hp. 5.2L V-10. 4-wheel drive. Zero to 62 in 3.2 seconds. 325 kph. That’s the top speed. Someone convert that to mph and tell me what it is.

Actually, who cares? It’s faster than me. It’s faster than you. It’s faster than your mom.

Huracan rear


Huracan side

Not bad, eh?

The name apparently comes from a prize-winning Spanish fighting bull. Whatever. I’m calling it a misspelled weather disturbance all the way. In the best sense.

Basically, Lamborghini just saw your Gallardo, its most popular car of all time, and raised you a natural disaster.

Bring it.

Automotive News has more info here.


These are apparently official photos, but I snagged them off Google Images.