Because, Doberhuahua! *UPDATED*

Updated…because, THIS:

Maserati wins. (But you can still read the rest of this post. 😉 )

Updated again…because, THIS:

Yes, it is Super Bowl Sunday. Or, rather, Super Bowl Commercial Sunday. There will be some football at some point, but the main event for most viewers is the multi-million-dollar commercials that make up the meat of this sport event sandwich. Most of the spots have already been released – see below for a few of the most talked-about car commercials.

Jaguar thinks it’s good to be bad.

Volkswagen spoofs It’s a Wonderful Life.

Kia goes all Matrix-y.

Audi fears compromise.

All good stuff. But one of my all-time favorites is this Volkswagen spot from 2011:

That’s a classic.

Have a good and safe Super Bowl Commercial Sunday, race fans!