Damn You, Sinkhole!

What a bizarre story. A sinkhole opened under the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky in the early-morning hours today, swallowing eight Corvettes. Perhaps it’s bad of me to say, but I was relieved to read that only one truly old Corvette, a 1962 C1 (first generation; the brand-new 2014 is a C7), was damaged. The rest were C4s and up (from model year 1984 to 2009). I’m not a huge Corvette fan in general, but how could anyone not love the early generations? They are beautiful and sound amazing on a racetrack.

As an ode to our fallen Vette friends, here are photos of No. 156, a racing C1 I saw at the U.S. Vintage National Championship, and of the AstroVette I saw this past weekend.







See her in the upper lefthand corner, second from the left?

Corvette racing

Our friend the AstroVette…



CNC - AstroVette 427


Remember, kids: just say no to sinkholes. Race fans, hug your vintage cars tight.


P.S. I suppose it would behoove me to add that I am very, very glad no humans were hurt. Sadly, this only just occurred to me. Oh, well!