Sweeeet Videos

Have to share some more videos with you, because they are awesome.

First up, a fabulous pit stop for the Ferrari F1 team at the Australia GP in 2013 – 3 seconds total, which I believe was the record until Lotus beat it with 2.8. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Isn’t this beautiful??

Next, the Red Bull F1 team explains the 2014 rule changes, far better than I.

Remember the Grand Prix of Houston? (If not, read here and here.) How would you like to see it from the drivers’ perspectives? Be sure to look for Dad and me in the crowd…

Here’s a good introduction to the Pirelli World Challenge and a great primer on my love, the racing Cadillac CTS-V. And a little preview of Belle Isle, where I’ll be attending the races the last weekend in May!

OH. MY. Watch this. I haven’t even see the other three. Cannot. Wait.