Let Them Drive…Still

Today, in conjunction with President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Saudi women again protested the ban on women driving by getting behind the wheel. Organizers are focused not just on obtaining the right to drive, but on increased democratic reforms and human rights in Saudi Arabia

You may remember me writing about this topic here, one of my favorite posts. After the last organized protest, on October 26, a friend and I started Project Keychain, an effort to collect keychains to show our support for Saudi women. You can read about Project Keychain here, here and here. JeanKnows Cars also did a fabulous write-up here. I am really proud of this project, and so appreciative of everyone who has showed their support. We intend to end Project Keychain when Saudi women obtain the right to drive, at which point we are going to mail them the keychains to use!

Please visit and “like” the Project Keychain Facebook page, and consider sending a keychain (the address is: 4500 Williams Dr., Ste. 212, PMB 258, Georgetown, TX 78633). Please also keep these brave Saudi women in your thoughts. This movement is not really about driving or cars – it is fundamentally about basic freedoms, human rights and dignity. Saudi Arabia is one of the U.S.’s global allies, but the ONLY country in the world that actively bans women from driving (and many other activities). Not okay. Make your voice heard! Sign the petition to support Saudi women. Research the issue. Let them drive!


Photo credit: Oct 26 Saudi Women Driving Campaign, change.org