Smart Car Tipping

Okay guys – I do not condone damaging other people’s property. In fact, I don’t even condone TOUCHING someone else’s car unless you have permission. So I’m not really laughing about this. Except…

Did you hear about that recent bout of vandalism in San Francisco in the early Monday morning hours, where person or persons unknown tipped four Smart cars on their roofs, trunks or sides? Holy cow! (No pun intended – this is putting cows out of work, which I do not support.)

Read more here, in a truly fantastically-titled article from the Christian Science Monitor, “Smart car tipping: Prank or social class rebellion?”


This is almost – but not quite – as good as the confession I once read on JeanKnowsCars, where an anonymous reader confessed to having once peed on a Chevy Volt tire. NOTHING can top that kind of sublimity. But Smart car tipping is right up there.

And I didn’t know until I read the CSM article above that this SanFran criminal escapade is not the first such occurrence. Apparently those naughty Canadians and Dutch were tipping Smarts and dumping them in canals back in 2009??!!

I have to temper my guffaws, though. I think people who drive Smarts are doofi, but it sure would suck mightily to wake up in the morning to a damaged vehicle, even if it IS a Smart. And that’s not cool.

So I extend my sympathies to the affected Smart owners. But I’ve got to giggle just a LITTLE.


P.S. Touch the Red MINI, and you are past tense.