Why Sports Car Racing is the Best

A bold claim, you say? Consider this: Ferraris, Audi R8s, Aston Martins, McLarens, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Mercedes, Vipers, etc., etc. tearing around a road course, occasionally on two wheels, their bumpers separated by the width of an eyelash.

Sounds pretty sweet, amiright?

IndyCar traveled to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend, and brought the Pirelli World Challenge as its supporting race. The PWC cars raced both yesterday and today, and I have the broadcasts below, in their entirety, for your viewing pleasure. Let me put it this way – when the commentators giggle, scream and go hoarse, you know it’s good racing!

The first video includes both the Saturday GT/GTS/GTA race (the Ferraris, et al.) and the TC/TCA/TCB race (MINIs! Hondas, Mazdas, etc.). The GT race begins right around 30:00.

Fun trivia for both this race and the Sunday race: the #73 Porsche Cayman S driven by Jack Baldwin was basically destroyed in a wreck at Long Beach and was rebuilt in 36 hours by his crew to be ready for Barber, where he qualified in the pole position (aka the first spot) for both races. You’ll have to watch to see what happens from there. 😉

The second video includes the Sunday GT/GTS/GTA race.  The TC/TCA/TCB race, which was scheduled to run after the IndyCar race, was cancelled after a monsoon delayed IndyCar for a few hours (and ultimately resulted in a fair amount of issues in that race). The GT race fun starts at the 10:00 mark, at which four Mustangs almost instantly go boom. But don’t let me ruin it for you…