Race with Pippa

Racing and breast cancer – the first I love a lot, but don’t have much first-hand experience with; the second I hate, hate, hate and know all too well. Put them together, though, and you get this.

Pippa Mann is a British driver who became the first female to win a pole at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. She is appearing in her third Indy 500 this year, in partnership with Susan G. Komen. Mann’s car, helmet and pit crew will be decked out in pink throughout the race weekend, happening later this month, and a website has been set up (see the link above) for donations to Komen. Also, Mann’s pink helmet will eventually be auctioned to raise additional funds for the cure. I WANT that helmet.

All of this was just announced yesterday – see here for the story about the press event and unveiling of the pink race car (shown left).

Racing teams, drivers and series often partner with charities and causes to raise funds and awareness – from my limited experience, the racing community is incredibly generous and civic-minded. This cause is especially meaningful for me, though, because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Our family has been fortunate to have never had to deal with a major illness before, so that experience affected all of us quite deeply. Mom dyed her hair pink before starting chemo, and we wore pink T-shirts, ran charity races, etc. There’s not much for a family member to do while one of your own is dealing with sickness, and it’s a maddening, helpless feeling. So I am always very heartened to see new opportunities to support breast cancer research and increase awareness to find a cure. Breast cancer has become an epidemic, and it needs to stop.

Our family has been very lucky – Mom fought bravely through treatment and has been cancer-free for over a year. Years of research in developing new and more effective treatment no doubt went a long way in ensuring a good outcome for her. But there’s still a lot of work to do, so let’s keep it up!

Please join me in the Race with Pippa to help find a cure…and enjoy racing at the same time!




Photo Credit: http://www.racewithpippa.com