Motorista Presents: the Indy 500 Pink Watch Party!

We came, we saw, we had a great time!

For those of you who may be new to the scene, I decided to host a “pink” watch party for the Indy 500 to support driver Pippa Mann, who was sponsored by Susan G. Komen and drove a pink car in the race. Read more background here, here and here. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor (two years and counting!) and a female racing fanatic, the Pippa/Komen/Indy combo was the perfect storm of delightfulness for me. And when you’re delighted, you need a party.

Fast forward to today – 10 friends, 1 breast cancer survivor, at least 3 family members of breast cancer survivors, $120 raised for Susan G. Komen (!), much laughter, food and…oh yeah, racing!

Indy500 goodies

I got a bag of goodies for the party courtesy of Komen Austin…

Indy500 jewelry

…and some pink jewelry…

Indy500 cupcakes

…and some pink cupcakes in pink boxes…

Pink Watch Party selfie

…and a pink boa. You have to have a pink boa.

That is A LOT of pink. I don’t even really like pink. But if you’re going to have a Pink Watch Party, it’s pink or bust!

I reserved a table for 10 at Blackfinn Ameripub. Here’s what I arrived to:

Pink Watch Party 2

Holy cow! A whole room and giant screen to ourselves! I have to say, Blackfinn was all over it. Great food and service – I will definitely use them again.

Meet a few of my fabulous pink friends!

Pink Watch Party 9

Pink Watch Party 7

Pink Watch Party 6

There’s that pesky boa again…

Pink Watch Party 11

I pontificated a lot.

Pink Watch Party

But everybody stayed.

Pink Watch party me

I’ve got a dragon berry mojito in one hand and a strawberry shortcake cupcake in the other. This is after I ate a burger the size of my face. Oh yeah, and racing was on. Probably one of the most content people on the planet at that moment.

Pink Watch Party 4

We clapped for Jim Nabors.

Pink Watch Party 5


And we cheered for Pippa! Despite a wheel issue that kept her toward the back of the field, Pippa made it through all of the many crashes and restarts in the last half of the race and brought the Susan G. Komen car home in 24th place (out of 33) and in one piece. Congrats to Pippa, Dale Coyne Racing and Susan G. Komen on a successful, pink Indy 500!

Pink Watch Party 3

Because of you, we got together and had a great time.

Pink Watch Party 10

And I got to wear a flaming pink boa. In public.

Pink Watch Party cupcakes

And the pink cupcakes were a hit.

And we raised $120 for Komen! (We placed bets on overall winner, fastest overall lap, Pippa’s fastest lap, and Pippa’s position at the checkered flag.)

At the end of the race, there were empty cupcake boxes and pink boa feathers strewn all about.

Pink Watch Party end

That means it was a good party.

Thank you so much to my friends for coming and making the party such a success. I’m proud of our little pink group, and I hope Pippa is, too.