Motorista’s Auto Buddy

Introducing Motorista’s youngest reader (a little man off to a good start in life, may I say), a kissable lil chunk named Otto Budde, who came all the way from Houston to be kissed post-rappel.

Rappel 9

Otto is not often impressed.

Nevertheless, he has earned the official title of Motorista’s Auto Buddy. Because every well-rounded child of the 21st century should be a website mascot.  And, goodness knows, a cute, car-lovin’ baby brightens even the darkest corners of the blog-o-verse.

When you’re done cooing at Otto, be sure to check out his mom’s photography, which is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen, ever. (Although a few race cars wouldn’t hurt, Paige… 😉 )

Otto, I hope your daddy is reading this blog post to you, and that you are quasi-impressed with being Motorista’s Auto Buddy. See you trackside, Bud!