News Flash: Woman Can Be Mother and CEO at Same Time!

Hurry quick, someone get Matt Lauer some impressive journalism award! The Pulitzer, perhaps?

Granted an exclusive, one-on-one interview, Lauer got this juicy bombshell from Mary Barra: General Motors’ first female CEO can be a CEO and a mom. At the same time.

Holy crap. Stop the presses.

Because, good to know, right? That’s definitely the first thing I thought: gee, I wonder if Barra can be a good leader of one of the world’s largest companies when she has two kids that might distract her. And then I wondered if her kids would get enough attention and grow up to be worthwhile, useful adults without chips on their shoulders.

What a relief to have Matt Lauer clear this up for me.

And, boy, I sure hope he can be a good dad AT THE SAME TIME he’s being a TV personality. (And hopefully he’s a better dad than he is an interviewer.)

Great job, American media. You hit it every time. Right out of the park. And into the swamp.

Good grief.

Dear America (primarily the media), I have an idea: back off and shut up. As a woman working in a male-dominated area of the legal field who enjoys spending weekends at racetracks that are, admittedly, overwhelmingly populated by males, I’d like to just please get on with what I’m doing. I’m a woman. It’s genetic. Whether or not I’m a mom, aunt, grandmother or cat lady really doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot to do with my job performance or anything else that’s any of your business. Judge me by my performance, by my qualifications. And I’m at the racetrack (in heels if I feel like it, in sneakers if I don’t) because that’s what I love. I’m not waving a big femme banner, attacking masculinity or otherwise on some gender-defined mission. I’m just trying to be me. And I’d like to be appraised on my merits, whether in a professional or personal context. Far be it from me to speak for Mary Barra or any other Strong Woman, but I would not be surprised if they felt similarly.

(Oh, and here’s Lauer’s response. Yup. Whatever.)

Now, I admit, I did wonder if Barra was named CEO because she was a woman and GM wanted to put a softer face on the then-brewing ignition switch debacle. And that’s not because I didn’t think Barra was qualified or otherwise merited the job. That’s simply behavior that wouldn’t surprise me in corporate America. Still. Sadly. But I’d rather not be cynical and go ahead and take what Barra says here at face value.

Now, let’s get on with the business of business and put the stupid questions to rest. I’d rather hear about Barra’s vision for General Motors and for resolving recall-gate both within the company and with those customers affected. THERE’S something worth talking about!

And haven’t I said something similar before? More than once?


Photo source: Google Images search