Second Annual Father-Daughter GP of Houston – the Father Version

Dad and I are in recovery mode after our awesome weekend at the IndyCar Grand Prix of Houston. I say recovery mode because we had so much fun we about overdosed. ūüôā I’m still sorting through photos, and have been busy at work, so am not yet ready with my own post about our Second Annual Double-down in H-town. However, Dad – who is a published author in his own right – kindly agreed to put together a little something to share his perspective of the weekend with you. I think you will enjoy…


Dad on the 2014 Grand Prix of Houston

Now that we’re back in second gear after the weekend of speed, I would share these thoughts with you.

1.  Much more than I realized, auto racing is a powerful auditory experience.  I now believe that is perhaps the most alluring aspect of the game.  In my newly acquired condition of mostly deaf, ear plugs were absolutely required, and then I realized that the sound waves were vibrating not only my ear drums, but my gizzard as well.  The roar and rush makes a great experience awesome.  Kinda like standing near the runway when an F-16 takes off Рyou find it hard to imagine that a mere mortal is controlling that beast.

2.  Sharing such a weekend with your daughter is worth all the effort and expense and discomfort.  When the sunshine turned to drizzle, then to rain, then to downpour, we just looked at each other and laughed.   With ten pounds of rain gear back in the car, we proved that we humans are, after all, waterproof.  And it helped cool us off when the breeze blew.  Makes you wonder why we usually go to such futile efforts to stay dry at any cost.  Just another memory, and a good one at that.

3.¬† Having a very dear friend just blasted with the diagnosis of stage four cancer already metastasized, relatives having just undergone serious surgeries, ¬†and other rigors of life including passing seven decades of life and celebrating five decades of marriage, I am convinced that special times with your family and loved ones¬†is what life is really about.¬† ¬†This weekend¬†qualified in that department.¬† My advice: just haul off and do it.¬† Whatever¬†“it” is.¬† The cares of life just passed right on by for a few days.¬† That’s a good deal in my book.

4.  This old geezer got to enjoy passing off all the responsibilities for making things work to somebody else.  Including driving.  I was just along for the ride and the conversation and paying the bills.  Also a good deal.

5.¬† I became convinced that I could have been a race driver.¬† Well maybe a few years back, but racing and flying fighters have a lot in common.¬† You operate on the edge,¬†the stakes are high, and life insurance is expensive.¬† Watching the pre-race preparations, the “ground” crew working, strapping in with help, mentally preparing – I was able to relate better than you might think.¬†¬† Race drivers could be good fighter pilots and vice versa.¬† Both groups are also very competitive, and not lacking in self-confidence.¬†¬† Some would claim cocky, but not me.

6.¬† It was sobering to be able to say to Andretti and Rahal, “I was a big fan of your GRANDFATHER!”¬†¬†What’s that all about??¬† Seven decades of breathing, I guess.¬† (Well, I would have said it if I had met them.)

7.¬† It’s a good thing we don’t run in sixth gear all the time.¬† Having that much fun is tiring.¬† A little recovery is in order.¬† Excuse me.¬† Let me downshift to first gear and lay down to see what happens.¬† As Grandad used to say, a little snooz-er-oo just may come along.

Thanks for another memory, Motorista.