General Motors, the Fortress

Here is an interesting Part Two to my Alternate Mary Barra Interview. I merely intended to ask the questions. My dear friend, the brave, barnstorming Ashleigh Burroughs (my collaborator on Project Keychain), decided to actively try to get answers to my questions.

So she tried to track down Mary Barra. Head over to her blog, the Burrow, to find out what did(n’t) happen. General Motors is apparently an impenetrable fortress. Gosh, that’s shocking.

Anybody else have ideas on how to get my questions to Ms. Barra? I posted a link to my blog post on the GM Facebook page, but we know that won’t get past Shane the Social Media Intern. In this age of connectivity, how do people other than the Matt Lauers of the world have the opportunity to carry on conversations with those in power? If the answer is, we others can’t, then I suggest we develop some Matt Lauer replacements who are interested in real issues, not weightless soundbites.

What say ye, race fans?