I have found the perfect Motorista abode and, as luck would have it, it’s in Detroit! Well, Hamtramck, anyway.

Behold, a vintage service station, the Portage Garage, with attached duplex. All for the fine low price of $99,000.


PortageGarage 2

PortageGarage 5

PortageGarage 6

PortageGarage 8

PortageGarage 3

PortageGarage 4

PortageGarage 7

If those rusty old cars convey with the property, you’ve automatically got three restoration projects at your fingertips!

Anybody wanna go halfsies? Detroit sure is beautiful this time of year…

The above photos came from this article on the Curbed Detroit website. Check it out! This property officially goes on the Motorista Best Things Ever list (along with Max-Arthur the cat). OMG – imagine Max-Arthur in a shark costume on a Roomba IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!!

I think I just pulled a muscle.