Your Ride is Here

I had a very cool and unexpected experience today (aren’t those the best kind?). My friends over at John Eagle European hosted an event put on by Austin non-profit RecognizeGood, an organization that “[illuminates] selfless volunteers, charitable acts and community service” in the greater Austin area.  Every month, RecognizeGood honors a “Legend,” someone who, to put it in my words, is a good egg.  The Legend then gets to select a charity to receive a $1,000 donation from RecognizeGood.


This is already an awesome concept, right? But it gets even better. Melissa, the July 2014 Legend, was recognized today for her amazing work with local non-profit Your Ride is Here. Now, I have known about Your Ride is Here, and shame on me for having mentioned it only once before.  This is such an incredible group – providing transportation for patients traveling to and from cancer treatment. And that “transportation” occasionally takes the form of a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce or some other exotic car.


Your Ride is Here was founded and is led by Ken Adams, a cancer survivor and good idea-generator. Through sponsorship from John Eagle European and others, Your Ride is Here has taken off in Austin and is now in Houston, too!


Ken with Sonny Morgan, dealer principal at John Eagle European, car enthusiast and friend.

Ken and Sonny helped RecognizeGood honor Melissa today for her incredible work through Your Ride is Here.


Melissa got some swag, some very well-deserved kudos, and the opportunity to select Your Ride is Here for a $1,000 donation from RecognizeGood.


Listening to Ken talk about Melissa, my first thought was, Man, I could sure do a lot more for others. My second thought was, Your Ride is Here is right up my alley! What a great organization, and what a worthy cause. The Red MINI and I are signing up.


Thank you, Melissa, for inspiring me to get involved.


Thank you, RecognizeGood, for making it your mission to celebrate all the Melissas out there.

And thank you, Sonny and gang, for inviting me today! Parties are ALWAYS better at your place.







Here’s to the fast cars that make people happier, and to the do-gooders who make sure that happens! Expect to hear much more from me about Your Ride is Here very soon.