Seen in San Antonio: ’88 Lotus Caterham Super Seven

Spending some time with friends in San Antonio this weekend (quick aside – isn’t it awesome to have good friends of many years, the kind where, when you’re with them, you feel like you’re home?). In true Motorista style, while being kidnapped by my mom/teacher girlfriends for a scintillating trip to the teacher-supply store and Target (on a Saturday – dear lord), I caught a glimpse of a Caterham sunning itself on a used car lot. I asked my kidnappers if we could go back to look at a car, but they denied my simple request and then made me endure hours of torment amidst the aisles of multiplication table games, huge tubs of glue (potentially useful) and kid-friendly maps of Africa that are, ahem, WRONG. If there is a life lesson I can impart to you today, parents, it is: take responsibility for your child’s African geography education. Otherwise, they will grow up thinking there is only one Sudan.

I did manage to dull the pain by reading aloud (to myself) a Dr. Seuss book in French.


I was left to fend for myself on the Caterham, so I did a little Googlage…and found it!


Isn’t it grand?! A 1988 Lotus Caterham Super Seven.

Caterham 2

Pretty much as close to open wheel as you can get in a street-legal car.

Caterham 5

Caterham 3

Only as much space as is required. Minimalism, people. It’s all the rage. Caterham was doing it back in ’88. Props.

Caterham 4

Bells and whistles and such. Not the most powerful engine on earth (1700cc), but the whole car weighs about 8 ounces, so who cares?

This tiny delight can be yours (not mine; sigh) for only $29,995 at Hovey Motorcars in San Antonio, Texas. Check out their website here for the info and additional pictures (the photos I have posted here are theirs). Nobody wanted to go halfsies on the old Detroit garage. How about a Caterham? I will pick it up myself!

Pretty please?