New Gigs

Hey, race fans!

I’m still here – really. Life stays busy, and then gets busier, so it’s hard to blog every day or every other day, like I have always tried to do. I’m not complaining – it’s good to be busy. But I didn’t forget about you!

Other than real-life work, I’m up to a few car-related projects that I think are pretty cool. First, my good friends over at John Eagle European (aka our Austin, Texas Aston Martin/Bentley/Lotus/Rolls Royce dealer) have given me the opportunity to be their inventory photographer! I’m pretty pumped about getting to photograph all of those beautiful cars. Yesterday, I got to shoot an Aston Martin DBS, and it was pretty darn fantabulous.

We will be playing around with staging and time of day (lighting is a challenge), but I think my first shoot, of a crazy old Chrysler Prowler, turned out okay. And I have some ideas and things I want to experiment with for future shoots. 😉

Really appreciate the guys at John Eagle letting me hang out at their place. It’s a little nicer than mine. I highly recommend that you purchase your next luxury vehicle from them!

The other iron I’ve got in the fire is a big project on the General Motors ignition switch crisis. I am actually in the midst of finishing up an article for a legal publication on a particular aspect of the case (more on that when the article’s published in a few weeks!), but since I read the whole 300+ page internal investigation, I thought I might as well do a series of posts explaining – from my perspective as an attorney and as a car buff with auto industry experience – what the heck is going on with this whole thing. So prepare to be educated! It may sound a bit dull, but I can assure you that there’s a ton of interesting – and frightening – stuff involved. Stay tuned!

Oh, and I’ve been asked to judge at the Texas All British Car Days again. Woo hoo!

And in other news…Priuses are still driving – slowly – in the fast lane. My work is not yet done.