Teach ’em Young, Teach ’em Right

Hi, race fans! I’ve missed you!

There’s plenty to talk about – both cars and life – but I just had to share a delightful development in the care and feeding of my young protege, Auto Buddy. You may remember Auto Buddy from his W Hotel rappeling observations and his impudent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He is unreasonably cute.

Well, my young friend has developed quite the taste in fine sheet metal, and I am pleased to report that he and I have similar favorites (i.e. he is smart). Lil Buddy’s mother recently texted me this photo, which I must say made my motoring heart go pitter pat.


There’s my guy, posing (probably illegally) next to the fine machine that is the Audi R8. Get ’em, Auto. I applaud the excellent selection, as well as the bucking of rules and regulations. Can’t no barriers – even tastefully frosted and German – hold us back!