While I Was Out

So I’m finally getting caught up on my Automotive News (weekly industry newspaper) backlog. As in, I’ve made it from July to November in the last several weeks. Turns out I missed all sorts of interesting things, like the Takata airbag recall (flying shards of metal are NOT okay), Cadillac raising a stir by relocating some of its team to New York and naming its new flagship sedan the CT6 instead of…what, Fleetwood?, the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial spoofs, and oh so much more. I know you missed my punditry on these items. Never fear, I am making a comeback. Or I will as soon as my two-month-old law firm takes off. And I get the bills paid. And stuff. And I’m already pondering what vehicle I should get for a work car. Because APPARENTLY responsible business owners need vehicles with a certain gravitas. And apparently a fire-engine-red, fire-breathing MINI with a rear spoiler stolen from a Greco-Roman chariot, taking corners on two wheels is not current with my image. Or, at least, with one of my personalities. Never fear. The MINI remains. I fear for the day when there will no longer be cars with manual transmissions, so I intend to hold onto the MINI with the grip of death, in anticipation of the day that an affordable driver’s car ceases to exist. Plus, I’m not exactly in the market for another vehicle yet. Gotta pay the other bills first, and all. But it’s fun to dream. I’m thinking along the lines of Audi A7, Mercedes CLS, Porsche Macan (yes, an SUV; shudder), Range Rover Evoque (ditto), Tesla, etc. Several years pre-owned obviously OR a very, very good lease deal. I just saw a lease for a Maserati Ghibli that’s only $30 per month more than my MINI payment. I’m not sure if that means the Ghibli is a great deal or the MINI reaaaaalllly wasn’t. I’m going with the Ghibli being a great deal. If we’re talking about reality, Mazda has some pretty amazing looking new cars these days. I am thinking in particular of the new Mazda3 hatchback. And the CX-5, one of the nicest new crossovers by far. If you are in the market for reasonably-priced new, I strongly recommend giving Mazda serious consideration. By the way, have I mentioned lately that all American drivers are horrible? I am so looking forward to the days of self-driving cars. For the rest of you. Remember: you have mirrors and turn signals for a reason. Someday Siri will do it all for you, and then I won’t worry about my safety. Until then, USE THEM. Oh, and here. Since this post already has neither rhyme nor reason, have a gratuitous photo of a racing Bentley. Because fabulous. L1110581 Almost as fabulous as a racing Porsche with a skull and crossbones on its hood.