Pink is More than a Color

Welcome to the month of May! In IndyCar world, that means one thing and one thing only – the Indy 500!

Like last year, female driver Pippa Mann is racing in the 500, in partnership with Susan G. Komen. Like last year, I wanted to get involved. Luckily, Pippa has made it easy. Last night, she unveiled the Get Involved Campaign, with a number of ways to donate to Komen and receive cool “perks” related to Pippa’s participation in the Indy 500. My favorite? Turn the Cockpit Pink – names on decals that will be placed in the cockpit of Pippa’s race car and, yes, race the Indy 500 with her. When I heard about that, I had to have it.

I wish I didn’t have any names with which to Turn the Cockpit Pink but, as you know, my mom is a breast cancer survivor. Unfortunately, I now have a second name to add – my aunt, who passed away in February after battling breast cancer.

So now my mom and my aunt – or at least their names – will be in Pippa’s race car for the Indy 500. Maybe it’s a silly thing. It won’t bring my aunt back. It won’t cure breast cancer. But it’s a way to acknowledge and honor. And to celebrate life – past, present and future.

Join me in supporting Komen and Pippa, and #GetInvolved! (And who knows – there may be a Motorista Pink Watch Party yet!)