Comeback Kid

So peeps, here’s the deal. This posting once or twice a month gig is not working for me. I miss you guys, plus there are too many rants to be ranted, opinions to be opined, and photographs to be taken to do this on a monthly basis.

So…I’m making a comeback! Starting now I’m going to be more disciplined about getting posts written and up. Don’t expect the near-daily posting of yore, but I’m shooting for at least a couple times a week.

And there’s much to discuss! Through the generosity of friends, I have the opportunity to attend the Formula 1 race in Singapore this September. As you can imagine, I am ever so slightly excited about that. Then F1 comes to Austin in October, so this fall should be a whirlwind of silly-looking cars that go fast!

I MAY be in the market for a new car this year. Which, for Motorista, is high pressure! I have some ideas, but am not ready to share quite yet. And don’t worry…the MINI isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Although my chiropractor did say I need to limit my manual driving to the weekends to limit existing damage to my back. Grrr.

I’ve got a few things to yell at Cadillac about, a bunch of eye-rolling in the direction of IndyCar administration, some beautiful new cars to pine over, and approximately 1 million stupid Texas drivers to yell at. And new shoes. Some fabulous new shoes.

In other words, things are about to get back to normal!