Motorista Goes International

I may be dealing with a self-diagnosed bout of adrenal fatigue (I kept calling it adrenal failure until my sister pointed out that that kills you – important distinction!), but I’m not too tired to be doing backflips-excited about my upcoming trip across the Pacific. You guys, I haven’t taken an honest to goodness vacation in eight years. EIGHT YEARS! It is time.

Now, you would think that, being Motorista, the fact that I get to attend the Formula 1 race in Singapore would be what I am most excited about. Make no mistake – I am excited IN THE EXTREME about F1 in Singapore. The venue for F1’s first-ever night race, Singapore always hosts one of the most beautiful and exciting races of the season. So, yeah, I’m pumped.

But then. THEN, after Formula 1, I set off to do a little exploring. Bangkok, then Siem Reap, Cambodia to tour Angkor Wat, go zip-lining through the Cambodian rainforest, and hopefully get a water blessing. Then it’s on to the Thai island of Koh Samui, where I intend to sit on the beach and read until I can’t stand the relaxation anymore.

And, yes, I intend to take approximately 1 million photos. Otherwise, I would hardly be doing my blogging duty, now would I??

All this excitement happens from September 15 – October 2. Can’t wait to share everything with you!